About Us

In Faro Boat Lifts we are passionate about everything related to the world of boats. We are a family-owned company located in Miami, a city full of people who know about boats and who enjoy them for leisure and work. Our mission is to offer the best boat lifts in all of South Florida. We provide customized solutions to all boat owners to protect and preserve their boats. We work with the highest quality standards and with the best suppliers to guarantee long-term results.

Our products and services include the manufacture and installation of boat lifts, platforms, as well as the necessary accessories. We focus on customer’s satisfaction, creating high durability products from high strength aluminum and at very competitive prices. Whatever your need is in terms of boat lifts, we have the right product for you.

Our team has the experience and creativity to solve each challenge. That is why our boat lifts have a unique design, to provide the greatest possible safety and adaptability. We are proud to have a large number of completed projects and results that speak for themselves. Faro Boat Lifts not only takes care of the quality and design of its products but we are very zealous of the aesthetics and the final finish of our boat lifts systems. Our team works to make each finished project exceed the expectations that our clients may have. We know how much time and dedication they put into their boats, and that is why we strive to deliver high-level results. From boat lift systems for personal watercraft to larger yachts, all our products and services are guaranteed by a company guided by its commitment to its customers. Although we are located in Miami, we also serve the area of Fort Lauderdale, Key West and other regions of South Florida. With years of experience in the manufacture and installation of boat lifts, Faro Boat Lifts is a company that stands out for creating effective solutions and high-quality products for the most demanding market.